Rapid prototyping models

China Rapid prototyping offers cheap  production to manufacturer real models from your 3d cad.

we use mainly 4 technologies to make your cadfile "al ife"
  1. SLA (stereolithography) or SLS ( Which stands for solid lasering system) are both additive technologies used for small quantities and when time is very limited. SLA and SLS machines have a limited build up size. So for quick small proto's and small quantities , less than 5 pieces, those 2  SLA and SLS  are ok.
  2. CNC machining. This is a subtractive manufacturing. ( a thick block of massive plastic will be the base, materials can be ABS, PP, POM PA and even PA+GF. Even wood as an option.
  3. Vacuum casting is a prototyping technology used when you need a short run of your 3d cad model made out of a Polyurethane with properties close to real injected plastics such as ABS, POM ,PA or TPE's TPR rubbers. Usually series of 5-100 pieces will be run using this casting technology.
  4. injection molding: once the prototype phase is finished we can help you to manufacturer your product in large quantities with injection moulding. We have a quality mould shop in Shanghai, china that also has 3 injection molding machines.

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES to prototype your 3d models within our company?

Our company's main advantage is our quality/price ratio. We insist our rapid prototyping model shop to create the best quality at superb finishing's levels. Actually every prototype will be checked twice. Our price will be lower than most of the shops in the West and we guarantee top notch quality. If you not satisfied we will remake your rapid manufactured model for free.

Secondly we have years of experience in industrial design engineering , product design, designing injection moulds and assembly of many parts and products, which makes us an ideal sparing partner for your ideas.

And 3th we have a extended range of materials, such as brass, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, ABS , POM and finishings ( such as anodizing, painting, sand blasting, laser engraving etc) to choose form.

For more information and for a quotation please email your 3d cadfiles of your model (We prefer IGES/STEP or a parasolid model) and detailed information to:

contact: info@prototypingchina.com 

or on skype:

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A 3D Computer aided model (CAD) of the initial idea or concept sketch design will be created. With the help of a solid modeler, such as Solidworks 3-d objects will be

If you have any rapid prototype request please let me know

contact: info@prototypingchina.com 




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